Orbost Bike Rides

Easy to Moderate Day Rides All within 15km of town centre .

Old Bonang Loops


This is a particularly good ride of about 40 Kilometres which includes a gradual climb of 400 metres over the first 17 kilometres. The start of the rides follows along the sealed Bonang Rd for about 5 kilometres until you reach the Orbost tip. The old Bonang Highway starts immediately past the tip and follows the tip fence for 100 metres.
While the ride can be done in either direction it is best to follow up the old Bonang Rd as the climb is gradual. If you follow the sealed Rd to Cooney Ridge Rd the Climb up Cooney Ridge is possible but reasonably energetic.


You now stay on the Old Bonang for the next 12 kilometres until you reach Cooney Ridge Rd.or you can take the short cuts at Six and Half mile track ( 25 Km loop ) or Eight and Half mile track( 30km). Follow the green dots on the maps. Turn right ( down hill ) at Cooney Ridge Rd and descend to the Sealed Rd intersection. The good news continues as the ride back to town along the sealed road is very easy and contains 6 km of downhill, one short up hill climb with the rest gentle undulations.

As an easy alternative you can ride along the tar on Bonang Rd to Cooney Ridge Rd - a distance of 18 Kilometres from the centre of town. THis can be a pleasent ride for those on a a road bike. I take 10 minutes less on the return journey than on the outward journey. Yes there are hills to climb.

The Bonang Rd extends for 70 Kilometres to Goongerah before it comes a gravel surface as it climbs up the Errinundra plateau. There is minimal traffic and it is very scenic. You can ride as far as you like but you have to return the same way.