Orbost Bike Rides

Easy to Moderate Day Rides All within 15km of town centre .

The B Road Loop

This is an easy ride off about 20 kilometres, mainly on tar but with about 4 km of good gravel surface. It meanders out of town beside the Snowy River in part and among rich dairy and cattle farms. It is a very flat ride although there is often a head breeze as you leave town along the B Rd.

Starting at the roundabout at Nicholson St and Salisbury St, follow Salisbury St down hill to Forest Rd. The DSE office will be on your right as you leave the roundabout. Turn left into Forest Rd, on your right are the Sensory Gardens. Turn right at the B road intersection, you will see Murray Goulburn Hardware on your right. You will follow the B Rd for about 8 kilometres. After about 5 kilometres and after a small hill near some farm houses you will see a road off to the right - Huxter Rd. This is a short cut across to Jarrahmond Rd. If you take this short cut you will miss the most scenic part of the ride beside the Snowy River.

Follow along the B Rd for a about 1.5 kilometres to a signposted historical memorial before an avenue of oak trees. The marker and information sign gives an insight into Jarrahmond and Orbost early history and there is a 1939-45 war honour roll. The oak trees were planted in 1955 but the avenue was never completed.


After reading the memorial you will ride only a few hundred metres before the road turns to gravel. This follows along side the river bank for a few kilometres before your reach a cattle grid and a right turn. You are about 9 kilometres from Orbost.


Past the cattle grid is Garnets Track. Do not continue on this track instead turn right up the slight hill and follow this road for a kilometre to reach the bend where the no through Lynns Rd leaves the track. Turn right here on Jarrahmond Rd and follow the gravel road for a further kilometre before reaching the tar again. .You follow this road back to town. At 13 kilometres you will see where Huxter Rd joins onto Jarrahmond Rd. At about 16 kilometres you will pass Yalmy Rd on your left.

Turn right into Forest Rd after about 19 Kilometres. Follow Forest Rd back to Salisbury St. Turn left to reach the roundabout.