Orbost Bike Rides

Easy to Moderate Day Rides All within 15km of town centre .

Newmerella Ride

To access the rail trail and other rides starting on the Melbourne ( west ) side of the Snowy River, the trail head for the new link trail is on Marlo Rd just past the Orbost Camp Park and Forest Park. It is opposite the Snowy River and can be accessed either from the bike trail beside The Snowy or from Marlo Rd. From the roundabout in Nicholson St proceed through town. Nicholson St becomes Marlo Rd.

Start Image

You will cross a disused rail crossing and at 3.5 km from the ride's start you will see the road to Buchan turn off on the right. Don't turn here but continue on Burn Rd up the hill to Newmerella. At the top of the hill your are 5 Kilometeres from the start. Turn left into Grandview Rd and ride for 1200 metres to the lookout over Orbost and the river flats. These are spectacular views of the town, the river and the rail trail. Retrace your way to the intersection of the highway ,Grandview Rd and Burn Rd.


Cross the Highway and move off the highway as quickly as possible into Thomas St. You should not have to ride for more than 30 metres on the highway. The highway is not that busy and you have a clear view in each direction. Nevertheless, take care. Follow Thomas St into Corringle Rd at the CFA building. At 9 kilometres from the start, turn left into Back Corringle Rd. There is also a sign that says: " to Mitchells Rd" Mitchells Rd turns left off Back Corringle Rd two kilometres further down the road. Enjoy the 3.5 kilometre ride along Mitchells Rd before you arrive at the turn off to Griebenows Rd. You are 14 kilometres from the start. The road continuation Fishers Rd is a dead end. If you hit dirt you have gone too far.

Descend down the hill to the river flats. At the bottom of the hill is a 90 degree turn so keep the speed under control. At 16 kilometres you will see a dirt road on the left. This is Gargans Lane and it is an alternative way back to Burn Rd and the Snowy River bridge crossing. At 17.5 kilometres Griebenows Rd reaches a T intersection with Lochend Rd. Turn left and follow Lochend Rd under the highway back to the Snowy River bridge crossing. Retrace your way back to the start. Total distance is about 20 to 22 kilometres, all tar and comparatively easy. The only hill is the climb on Burn Rd up to Newmerella.