Orbost Bike Rides

Easy to Moderate Day Rides All within 15km of town centre .

Rail Trail Simpson's Creek Loop

Burn RD

This is a scenic ride of about 35km that covers many views of the local environment.The course is very easy and It takes about 2.5 hours at a liesurely pace. Follow the East Gippsland Rail Trail Link from the town, over the Snowy River Bridge and accross the river flats to the Burn Rd trail head where the Rail Trail starts.There are six story boards on this section of the trail dealing with local features and history, There are a further 4 story boards on the trail toward Nowa Nowa

Follow the Rail Trail up the Newmerella cutting and continue riding towards Nowa Nowa. You will pass a number of road crossings and about 13 Kilometres from Orbost on the right hand side of the trail you will find a table and seat and information board which is a great place for a quick drink.

Rest Stop

After leaving the rest stop it is a short ride to the intersection of the rail trail with Simpson's Creek Rd. Turn right into Simpson's Creek Rd. The remainder of the ride is on sealed roads that have local traffic. Follow along Simpson's Creek Rd until you reach the end of the road where there is an intersection with Reeves Rd and Bete Bolong Rds. Reeves Rd is a gravel surface and we do not take this turn but follow the sealed Bete Bolong Rd down The hill.

Simpsons Creek Rd

Continue on Bete Bolong Rd past dairy farms with great views of the rich farming land on the left hand side of the road. Bete Bolong Rd merges with the Orbost Buchan Rd You will see the Orbost Buchan Rd comein on the left hand side. Continue straight ahead and follow beside the Snowy River on you left hand side. This road will take you back to the bridge over the Snowy River, simply follow the signage.